Warning fixes


I have fixed most warnings in the MC source. Many of them were trivial.
For example, a variable was declared, but the code where it's used was
commented out. Now that variable is surrounded by ifdef..endif with the
same condition.

It also turned out that a lot of code that is compiled for GMC is not
used. I removed the functions that caused warnings, i.e. they are declared
but never used.

I also wrote a simple analyzer of the link map and found that several
files in the "gnome" directory don't supply any functions or variables to
the linker. Some of those files had modification dates in 1998. Those file
have been removed.

I haven't done any analyzis on the function level (it's possible too). The
warnings concerning SLang and signal handling are left for a while. It
will be easier to clean them up after the text-only branch is created.

The point of this message - everything is supposed to work. Don't hesitate
to report compilation problems.

Pavel Roskin

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