Please subscribe all your addresses


Miguel has informed me that I'm now the administrator of the mc and
mc-devel mailing lists.

The policy of the lists requires the administrator to approve all messages
from non-subscribers. This is done to reduce spam. Unfortunately, this
poses a responsibility on the admin (i.e. on me) to approve all messages
from the "outsiders".

Not only does it take my time, it also delays delivery of your messages
and makes me a "single point of failure".

I'm asking everybody to subscribe the "secondary" addresses that are not
subscribed yet but may appear in your e-mails to the list in the "From:"

There are two options:

1) Subscribe your secondary addresses to post-only gnome org by visiting

2) Subscribe your secondary addresses to mc and/or mc-devel and select
"Disable mail delivery" in the list settings.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Pavel Roskin

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