Re: RFC on file_store()


> > > Sending zeroes is very bad. It means corrupted data on the remote side. Is
> > > it possible to send break instead?
> >
> > Congratulation, you've just discovered problem in fish :-(.
> >
> > Ok, I knew about this before. Problem is: what to do? Do you think
> > dropping connection and reconnecting is the right thing?
> I think it should be possible to send EOF to dd without sending it to the
> shell. I wouldn't bet on it though.
> Dropping connection should be fine if nothing better can be done.
> > [There's another ugly problem in fish: Imagine file full of rm -rf /
> > being sent to remote. Imagine something wents horribly wrong (both dds
> > killed). Hopefully that will just never happen in practice.]
> 1) Write fish_server and run it with exec. Maybe even upload fish_server
> if it's not on the server.

(If you are going to write fish_server, in which language. If in
shell, you can just "stream" your fish_server as it is currently
done. If other language... and if it is not there?)

> 2) Use safe mode in shell:
> mkdir $HOME/.fish
> ln -s /bin/rm $HOME/.fish/RaNdOmCoOkIe_rm
> ln -s /bin/dd $HOME/.fish/RaNdOmCoOkIe_dd
> ...
> PATH=$HOME/.fish/
> exec sh -r

Ugly... Perhaps dropping connection is better.
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