Re: contributing

Hi, Petr!

First of all, please set up your mail client to insert line breaks.

> can you please tell me how can I become a developper/contributor of
> mc?

MC is in the bugfixing mode now. A lot of old code needs to be cleaned up
before we can go further. Try fixing some bugs. Submit patches. Don't
forget to include ChangeLog entries as described in GNU Coding Standards:

> At the moment, I have just a "syntax" script for XML, and I work on
> some other things... where should I post them so that they can become
> part of the distribution ?

Send it along with an explanation. Expain what choices you have faced and
what your decisions have been (i.e. whether to highlight invalid XML

> I intend to work on more things (script for DTD, perhaps some code as
> well...) so what's the best step I should take now?

Send whatever you have done.

> I am not very experienced with this OSS stuff and how it works, so,
> sorry for the stupid question... I guess there must be a web page
> describing exactly this, please give me the link.

This is a very generic explanation how you can contribute to Free

It also helps to use search engines. If you cannot find the answer or it's
specific to MC ask in the mailing list.

You could also subscribe to this list or read the archives online.

Pavel Roskin

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