Re: new version of MAD

> > I see.  This means that you are not aware of the current state of memory
> > allocation and debugging in MC, which has changed dramatically.
> My goodness. Either you are really pulling my leg (and succeeding very
> well) or you really don't READ your email before you answer them.
> I'm comparing my mad.c which evolved over two years versus the one in
> mc-2001-07-29-14.tar.gz. Did that version chance dramatically? I doubt
> it.

Sorry that you've got that impression.  I meant that the _situation_ is
different, not the code.  And the situation is different because MC now
uses many functions from glib that allocate memory, and MAD is not aware
of that, despite some incomplete glib support in it.

> > Strange, I searched both mc gnome org and mc-devel gnome org and could not
> > find the word "key_translator".  It must have been long ago and I probably
> > didn't participate.
> pfff, you must be overworked or something. I was refering to the patches
> in the file edit/edit_key_translator.c that YOU put in TWO WEEKS ago
> (2001-07-10). Just search on "Steef Boerrigter" in the Changelog.

I just trusted the search engine at too much.  It must be
broken.  Perhaps the mc* mailing lists are not indexed.  I should have
searched my mail.  Sorry for that.

> > The real problem now is that MAD doesn't work at all because it doesn't
> > know about g_get_current_dir(), so MC crashes as soon as it tries to free
> > the result.
> Fair enough, that sounds like a priority issue.


> > I meant your future patch, if you ever make one.
> I need little additional disencouragement. And if you really do not like
> to answer a simple question, fine!

Sorry that you feel disencouraged.  I really don't know what simple
question you mean.  If you mean the question whether your patches will be
applied, it's not a simple question.  It depends on whether they make
memory debugging in the current code possible or not.

Pavel Roskin

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