Re: [patch] Two fixes for mc.ext

Hi, Martin!

Please send patches inline next time, or pine won't quote them if I want
to comment them.

> recently, file(1) chaged the description for .deb packages to "Debian
> binary package (format 2.0), uses gzip compression". The entry for
> gziped files just checks for the regexp "gzip" in the string. As the
> gzip entry is listed prior to the .deb entry, .deb files are
> mistakenly seen as plain gziped files.
> The fix is to anchor the regexp (suggested by Oskar Liljeblad)

I'm tired of ad-hoc solutions!  I have fixed all "type/" rules to use
anchored regexes, except "executable", which appears after space in the
"file" output.

The rule for info pages didn't work for me at all (RedHat 7.1), so I added
a "shell/" fallback.

All incorrect uses of the alternation operator `|' (i.e. outside
parentheses) have been fixed.  Actually, only REXX is affected - two other
rules have no actions, but they showed a bad example.

Thank you for reporting the problem!

Pavel Roskin

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