Re: bugreport: hex search doesn't work

Hi, Vlad!

> > But the dialog title says "Search".
>  Yes, unfortunately.

I'm fixing it right now.

> > That's what happens when half-backed patches are applied - error reporting
> > is missing completely, not to mention the documentation.
>  The lack of documentation on mc internals may be partially causing
> unimplemented error reporting.. As for documentation - mc is considered as "by
> hackers for hackers" software, and it seems these people don't read
> documentation. So, the completeness of patches can be understood and shouldn't
> surprise IMO. May be a policy for patches should be established...

Ok, if it's for hackers then just read hex_search()! I tried it, and guess
what? I have found how to search for strings! Just enter them in quotes

I'm going to apply some minor patches, but actually the parser needs a
complete rewrite, which I'm not going to do now (unless I find a simple

Pavel Roskin

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