Re: bugreport: hex search doesn't work

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Pavel Roskin wrote:

 Hi, Pavel! 

> >  Sorry for reporting bug for such an old version, but here it is:
> > In mc-4.5.29, HexSearch doesn't work:
> >  How to reproduce:
> >
> > 1) view any file with internal file viewer (F3 on any file)
> > 2) press F4 to switch to hex view
> > 3) press F7 (it's named HxSrch in the function index in the last line)
> But the dialog title says "Search".

 Yes, unfortunately.
> > 4) enter anything in the prompt (e.g. any hex sequence that is present in the
> > file), I tried "43 48" and "4348". The 2nd or 3rd byte will be highlighted
> > independantly of whether string is present in the file or not.
> Try "0x43 0x48" - it should work.

 Wow - you are right, thank you for the hint!  It seems the syntax is not that
intuitive - user may decide that they may use decimials too (not supported by
mc), and values > 256 (not supported too). On the other hand, the syntax mc
has chosen allows to add support for both decimials and values > 256 :)

> That's what happens when half-backed patches are applied - error reporting
> is missing completely, not to mention the documentation.

 The lack of documentation on mc internals may be partially causing
unimplemented error reporting.. As for documentation - mc is considered as "by
hackers for hackers" software, and it seems these people don't read
documentation. So, the completeness of patches can be understood and shouldn't
surprise IMO. May be a policy for patches should be established...

> >  Also, there should be an option to search for *string* when in hex view mode
> > (currently in hex view it's only declared to be possible to search for hex
> > sequence).
> I agree.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin

 Best regards,

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