bugreport: hex search doesn't work


 Sorry for reporting bug for such an old version, but here it is:
In mc-4.5.29, HexSearch doesn't work:
 How to reproduce:

1) view any file with internal file viewer (F3 on any file)
2) press F4 to switch to hex view
3) press F7 (it's named HxSrch in the function index in the last line)
4) enter anything in the prompt (e.g. any hex sequence that is present in the
file), I tried "43 48" and "4348". The 2nd or 3rd byte will be highlighted
independantly of whether string is present in the file or not.

 Also, there should be an option to search for *string* when in hex view mode
(currently in hex view it's only declared to be possible to search for hex

 Best regards,

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