Middle-click doesn't work - help needed


The documentation for GNOME edition (doc-gnome/C/gmc.sgml) says:

You can open a secondary window by using your middle mouse button on any
directory.  Press the middle mouse button (or both left and right mouse
buttons if you have emulation) on a directory in the main window and a new
window will open showing the contents of the directory you clicked on.

It doesn't work for me (RedHat 7.1 with GNOME 1.4 from Red Carpet).  Does
it work for anybody else?  Has it ever worked?

In either case, it appears to be a serious bug that may delay the release
of the next version of MC.  Documented features must work in stable

I'll appreciate if anybody with some experiance in GNOME programming could
fix this bug.

Pavel Roskin

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