Re: Patches for editor

Hi, Steef!

> Please find a patch against mc-4.5.54 for the editor containing the
> missing ALT-B bracket button and some more. Also, I've fixed and beefed
> up the status line a bit and fixed the bug that randomly ate the right
> bit.

The patch doesn't apply against the current CVS version. If you have
problems compiling it please try the snapshot at

> If anyone is seriously interested in a rewritten version of mad.c which
> does not crash on other platforms than pc-linux and is also fully
> dynamical and faster than the original mad.c, please let me know. Then I
> will translate the dutch comments and release it as well.

This sounds very intersting. Alone the fact that you comment your changes
makes me feel that your code is good. Most people sending patches here
don't bother commenting their work.

> Can someone tell me what's wrong with the user menu?
> Most functions in the distribution version from the menu overwrite the
> file being edited instead of pasting the output into
> ~/.cedit/cooledit.block
> which basically destroys the input file.

I confirm this bug in the CVS version. Thank you for finding it!

> Is anyone actively working on that functionality?

Not only is nobody actively working on it, but I believe that nobody is
actively using it :-(

> I previously sent this email to mcbugs nuclecu unam mx which doesn't
> seem to work anymore. Miguel thought this might be the correct address.

Yes, this is the correct address.

> Could someone please confirm? Who are the (active) maintainers?

Hard to say. Miguel told me who they are, when I met him at USENIX few
days ago, but it's unofficial in the moment.

Pavel Roskin

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