Re: mailfs - updated version for mc 4.5.x?

Hi, Christian!

> My mail files are stored by Samba on my linux box,
> but they are created by a Windows Netscape

> - last if /^$/ or eof;
> + last if /^\r?$/ or eof;

How about stripping all CRs when they are read instead of ignoring them?
This way, you could use a external viewer that shows ^M, e.g. less.

> 2) in mc.ext, change

Patch would probably be better. I don't understand the point of this

> # if you view your mail directory with mc
> # don't use any other program for viewing mails !
> type/mail
>  Open=%cd %p#mailfs
>  View=%cd %p#mailfs

This is very bad! This essentialy means - run the "file" command on the
file. If the output contains the substring "mail" anywhere (!!!) consider
it a mail file. Look at this:

$ file fetchmailconf-5.7.4-4.i386.rpm
fetchmailconf-5.7.4-4.i386.rpm: RPM v4 bin i386 fetchmailconf-5.7.4-4

fetchmailconf-5.7.4-4.i386.rpm will be considered as a mail folder!

I personally don't care how you read your e-mail and what local hacks you
use. But the ability to enter and read all RPM packages is important not
just for you.

If you want to contribute to others please be careful - it's not for your
setup only. Or at least please comment your changes and use diffs, so that
you are not reverting the old code.

Pavel Roskin

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