feature request: delete after copy

I have the following problem with mc

I have to move a lot of data to a filesystem which is remotely mounted by
smb through a ssh tunnel.
The problem is, that I cannot chown, so I am not able to use the "move"
command of midnight commander, but "copy" insted (with switching off
"preserve attributes".
However, one copy session can take some hours or even days, and it would be
great if mc really could remove sigle files as soon as they are transfered
(as move does).

So I suggest to either
- implement the option "preserve attributes" also to the mv option
- implement an option "delete each file after successfully copied" to the
copy dialogue.

It would be one of thos could be implemented.
Is there probably a workaround for me at the current time?

Please sende me a "cc" on replies, as I am not subscribed on the
Thank you very much!

Klaus Ridder

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