Re: Where to get uptodate version of MC? Vlad Harchev

Hi, Pavel!

There is no patch file for mc-4.5.54 in
Another desired feature is a weekly diffs on
Some of corporative users have access to http and ftp ports only ;-(
I spent a half of my time in business trips now and often can enjoy with
Internet only from Internet cafes with terrible connection ;-(

Another wanted feature in configure is to test where is current mc 
located before guessing it is /usr/local.
I tired to answer letters like 
'I compile and install new version of mc, but old one is 
started when I type mc. What is wrong ?'
Old one is in /usr and often /usr/bin have higher priority than 

Next. Home is defined as '\eOw' and End is '\eOq' in MC_HOME/mc.lib for xterm.
I use Slackware and Home is \eOH and End is \eOF there.


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