Re: Where to get uptodate version of MC?

Hi, Timur!

> I'm a bit lost - where now we should get the most uptodate version of
> MC for development? PReferably, from CVS>

This is described at

If you have problems with, then report them to
cvsadmin gnome org and copy to the list, so that I can change the CVS
instructions until the problem is fixed.

> Is it still or we should look around for
> it? Also, is it possible to commit patches into CVS or it always
> should be approved by you?

You are welcome to commit patches, but please inform the list and quote
the patches inline for quality control.

If you want to do something radical (like adding ksh support or running
all code through indent) please ask first in the list and wait for
approval.  Please always make copies of your messages to the list.

Pavel Roskin

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