Re: mc in mc patch


> > This patch not allow run mc in mc (from Advanced mc). >
> I do have a habbit to edit/compile mc from mc and the run it...
> With this patch applied it will not be possible anymore....

Not only that.  I often run "su" (not "su -l") from mc and then run mc as
root to edit some file.  This would be impossible too.

Another situation.  Sometimes (usually when playing with XF86Config) I run
"startx" from mc and then run mc in xterm.  This would also be impossible
for no real reason.

It's better to make sure that the parent mc is in the same process group
before complaining.  And still it should not be a fatal warning.

Maybe if we implement logging using glib facilities mc could display a
warning after it finishes initialization if there have been any warnings
in the log.  One of those warnings would be about parent mc.

Another interesting idea would be to disable Ctrl-O in the child mc and
force "Pause after run".

> Maybe, just fprintf(stderr, ....); will be enough?

The problem is not everybody will notice it.  There are already some
messages in vfs that use fprintf.  MC could ask to "press y to continue,
any other key to abort" in case of serious warnings, like missing
extfs.ini and "mc in mc".

Pavel Roskin

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