Re: Uppercase in Hotkeys & menus

Hi, David!

> This is the patch. If fixes Hotkeys and aligns the Command menu for the
> original C locale. The patch to reset al .po files is included

I'm sorry, but this should be done programmatically in my opinion.
Translators should deal with plain text, without ampersands, spaces for
alignment and strangely capitalized letters.  Function keys should be
translated separately.

I suggest that we use the same hotkeys in all translations.  I learned "F9
C C" since Norton Comander and I want it to work in every translation.
MC should highlight the hotkey in the translated text if it can find it.

If you want to capitalize hotkeys, do it programmatically, too.  This is a
lot of work, I know.  But currently the following texts have to be
translated separately into 30 languages:

"&New              C-n"
"&New            C-x k"

Put yourself in a position of a translator without much knowledge about
our ugly menu system, and imagine his or her frustration.

Sorry, but I don't even want to touch all that without _fixing_ it.

Pavel Roskin

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