Re: SLang or not to SLang

> A couple of things with SLang:
> a) Messages about Slang in "mc -V" seem to be swapped.

Good catch!  Fixed.

> b) I'm not sure if "configure --without-slang" (and variants) behaves as it
> is supossed to.

I don't think that --without-slang is supposed to be used.  Use
--with-ncurses to use ncurses and nothing to use S-Lang.  Ideally, MC
should have one option --with-screen=(slang|ncurses), like Lynx.

> ./configure (...) --enable-charset

Thank you for taking time to test all that.

> ./configure (...) --enable-charset --without-slang --with-ncurses
> Text mode screen manager:   ncurses on /usr/include
> (Compile error)

I knew that.  The charset patch is doing it wrong.  I'm applying a quick

--- main.c
+++ main.c
@@ -1841,8 +1841,13 @@ setup_pre (void)
     /* Call all the inits */
-    int full_eight_bits = (display_codepage != 0 && display_codepage != 1);
+ * Don't restrict the output on the screen manager level,
+ * the translation tables take care of it.
+ */
+#define full_eight_bits (1)
+#define eight_bit_clean (1)
+#endif /* !HAVE_CHARSET */

 #ifndef HAVE_SLANG
     meta (stdscr, eight_bit_clean);

I'm really don't like the idea of MC asking the user, not the terminal
library, whether 8-bit characters are allowed.  It's another example when
the first working (somehow) solution is the solution used in the code.  I
hope that I'll be able to do it better some day.

Pavel Roskin

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