Re: Double // in codepages list error

Hi, David!

> >  By the way, if you _have_ to introduce a new translatable message please
> >  avoid that british "Can't" - write "Cannot" instead.
> The line was there before. It wasn't me: Don't blame me.

I know.  Sorry that you didn't understand my point.  My point was that
it's better not to change translatable strings, but if you have to
(e.g. because it hardcodes something that should be variable), it's always
better to fix everything else that you may not like in that string.

The alternative is changing that string in every translation.  Well, maybe
I'm wrong and this is better.  I just don't feel good about changing
translations to the languages that I don't speak, but it should be safe if
done carefully.

Ok, I have written a script that does it safely.  I've just applied a huge
patch that replaces "Can't" with "Cannot" everywhere.  Enjoy.

Sorry again if I offended you.

> What about en_GB.po? Once someone complained in the list about it.

Contributions are welcome.

> ...and what about OK and Ok? How do "you" spell it?

$ find -name '*.[ch]' -exec egrep -nH '\<Ok\>' {} \; | wc -l
$ find -name '*.[ch]' -exec egrep -nH '\<OK\>' {} \; | wc -l

The sources use "Ok" more often than "OK".  But uses "OK".

> (I'm actually Australian but I've lived in Spain since I was 4 :)
> English humor, you know!

Then you could contribute en_OZ.po :-)

> You made no changes in setup.c so the original message and the "//"
> stay there. Is this the final solution?

No, it's not the final solution.

I just want to get down to the last issues that hold 4.5.55, which
explains that I'm a bit angry that some minor issues pop up in the list
all the time.  But I'll fix this problem - I don't want discussions about
trivial things.

> Just in case it's of any use here's the second patch I made. Someone could
> argue not to place GUI in charsets.c and this was the second reason no to
> post it yesterday.

Good argument.  Thank you for the patch.  I'll fix this problem shortly.

Pavel Roskin

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