Re: Important typo fix in guess_message_value()


> Hmmm, this reminds me of a problem I have forgot to tell in detail:
> e.g. if $LANGUAGE is picked [it is at the first priority in
> guess_message_value() ], then if $LANGUAGE is set to something like
> "de:fr:pt_BR", then the hint file "/usr/lib/mc/" is
> searched, which obviously doesn't exist, and the fallback
> "/usr/lib/mc/" will be used instead. In this case is it more
> appropriate to search for "/usr/lib/mc/" and
> "/usr/lib/mc/mc.hint.pt_BR" instead?

I remember this problem.  I just looked into dcigettext.c from
gettext-0.10.39, and it turns out that guess_category_value() is a static
function.  Its result (possibly the colon-separated value of LANGUAGE) is
used in dcigettext(), which parses the colons.

I don't see how to use dcigettext() in guess_message_value().  LANGUAGE is
a GNU extention, but its implementation is internal to the gettext

I don't want to reimplement the same code.  If gettext maintainers don't
want external programs to use their extensions it's better to tell them
that they are wrong than to copy their code against their will.

Pavel Roskin

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