Re: Cure for "BAD BUG REPORTS"

Hi, Steef!

> I have found a reasonable FAQ on the internet about bug reports:

In my opinion, it is only oriented to the users of multiuser systems.
Many MC users are sysadmings of the machines they run MC on.

> I've also made another version: bug-report-mc with some changes that are
> needed to use it in mc. It is not finished, so you should have a look at
> it and add the items that you find are important for mc bugs.

Yes, it needs some polishing, but it's a good document.  This can actully
help somebody.  I'll probably put it into the distribution.  Thank you.

> A third alternative is to revert to solely use bugzilla, but I'm not
> very keen on that idea myself.

I share your feelings.

Pavel Roskin

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