Hi, Frédéric!

> Hi. Attached is another patch for the FAQ file. As always, it's
> against current CVS.

Thank you!

> - Use lxr instead of . Any
> better approatch ? Bonsai ? I wasn't able to browse the
> contents of a file with Lynx.

Not everybody wants to see the line numbers.

> - Removed [NEW] and [UPDATED] parts. Maybe this change won't be
> applied, but after some years they don't make much sense. When
> was the last time someone included one of them ? ~3 years ago ?

Thank you!  Using [NEW] on 3 years old entries usually shows that the
document isn't worth reading.

> - "Terminal not powerful enough for SLang" is "Terminal not
> powerful enough for SLsmg" in S-Lang 1.4.4 (sldisply.c).


> - Use rxvt's URL instead of color_xterm. AFAIK there are
> various security holes in the color_xterm from, and
> distributions don't include it anymore.

There is an xterm by Thomas Dickey, but rxvt is better anyway.

> - Updated Linux distributions list. Use alphabetical order to
> avoid distro wars:-) . Also updated 3 URLs and added Dickey's
> URL for termcap/terminfo sources (always in sync with ncurses
> snapshots - he's the maintainer).

We actually have a list in INSTALL.  It's slightly different.  Perhaps
it's better to have that list in one place.

> - Use mc gnome org instead of Janne's e-mail address for
> feedback. He doesn't seem to be maintaining the FAQ anymore.


> - Removed 404 and "File
> formats". Also removed 404
> . BTW, are
> there any up to date MSDOS ports ?

MC should compile with Cygwin.  The NT port is broken, but not hopelessly.
I don't think that any MS DOS ports make sence.  I'm quite sure that the
DOS code has never been integrated.

I'm also removing the reference to the photographs of the authors.  This
page was actually very cool.  I miss it.  I remember how proud I was to be
on that page!  Many early developers of MC are now well known as Linux
kernel developers (Jakub Jelinek, Pavel Machek) and GNOME programmers
(Radek Doulik).

> - Cosmetic changes.
> I'd suggest the addition of Pavel's snapshots URL to 9.2. And
> maybe rewrite or improve the section ?

Please don't.  This URL is temporary.  I just don't have time to organize
it on the GNOME site.

I'm applying your patch.  Thank you!

Pavel Roskin

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