Hi. Attached is another patch for the FAQ file. As always, it's
against current CVS.


- Use lxr instead of http://www.gnome.org/mc/answers.html . Any
better approatch ? Bonsai ? I wasn't able to browse the
contents of a file with Lynx.

- Removed [NEW] and [UPDATED] parts. Maybe this change won't be
applied, but after some years they don't make much sense. When
was the last time someone included one of them ? ~3 years ago ?

- "Terminal not powerful enough for SLang" is "Terminal not
powerful enough for SLsmg" in S-Lang 1.4.4 (sldisply.c).

- Use rxvt's URL instead of color_xterm. AFAIK there are
various security holes in the color_xterm from ftp.x.org, and
distributions don't include it anymore.

- Updated Linux distributions list. Use alphabetical order to
avoid distro wars:-) . Also updated 3 URLs and added Dickey's
URL for termcap/terminfo sources (always in sync with ncurses
snapshots - he's the maintainer).

- Use mc gnome org instead of Janne's e-mail address for
feedback. He doesn't seem to be maintaining the FAQ anymore.

- Removed 404 http://www.gnome.org/mc/answers.html and "File
formats". Also removed 404
http://www.gnome.org/cgi-bin/mc/download/DOS/.html . BTW, are
there any up to date MSDOS ports ?

- Cosmetic changes.

I'd suggest the addition of Pavel's snapshots URL to 9.2. And
maybe rewrite or improve the section ?

0 pervalidus {net, {dyndns.}org} Tel: 55-21-2717-2399 (Niterói-RJ BR)

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