Re: segfault when ulimit for file size is set

Hi, Nerijus!

> ulimit -a shows:
> file size (blocks)          40000
> If I copy file larger than 40 MB, only these 40 MB are copied, and then mc
> segfaults. cp gives me "File size limit exceeded". Should be easy to
> reproduce I think. mc version 4.5.54.

I could reproduce the crash with the current version of MC on RedHat Linux
7.1 with glibc-2.2.2 and kernel 2.4.7-ac2.  However, cp also crashes.  It
comes from fileutils-4.0.36.

I think that dumping the core on SIGXFSZ is a bug in glibc since mc never
changes the handler for that signal.  However, I don't know what POSIX
says about the default handler.

It should be possible to intersept SIGXFSZ in MC, but I doubt that many
users need it.

Pavel Roskin

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