Re: Copy full filename to command line (Ctrl-F) patch

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Walery Studennikov wrote:

> Here is slightly purified and adapted to CVS version of MC patch
> from Max Schedriviy.
> It allows to copy full filename (with path) by pressing Ctrl-F.
> It is certainly more quick and convenient than using Alt-A + Ctrl-Enter.

Please always comment the code if you are sending the patch.  Don't expect
everybody to understand it.

Few questions/remarks:

Why are you using copy_full_prog_name() in two places - once in the table
and then by calling it explicitly?  Cannot we just do it is one place?  If
not, then I would like to fix the existing code first.

Why is copy_full_prog_name() global?  It should be static.  It's
nitpicking, but when I analyze an impact of a change in a global function
I have to scan the whole project for possible calls.

MC traditionally has symmetric shortcuts for the current and the other
panel, like "Atl-a" and "Alt-A" and even "Ctrl-x r" and "Ctrl-x Ctrl-r"
(I've never used the later - copy readlink from the other panel).  There
is no shortcut to copy the filename on the other panel.  Shouldn't we have
counterparts for Ctrl-Enter and the proposed Ctrl-F to work with the other

Where does Ctrl-F come from?  It's better that every shortcut is already
used somewhere, so that at least some people don't have to re-learn.

This patch adds a new user-visible feature.  It should be documented.  I
know that is an unpleasant file to work with, but nobody has
converted it to SGML yet.

Pavel Roskin

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