world of gnome feedback

Hi Alex,

You've been doing a tremendous job with WoG!  We were recently talking about WoG and one thing that we felt that would improve the site tremendously is having some editors to help edit your articles.  It might slow down your publishing a bit, but would you mind if some of us help edit your articles?

Can some of us help you out here?  It'll help improve the site I think.  We have some feedback on the WoG website as well that perhaps we could help make the site look a little better visually.

I can probably help with editing, and I think some the others in marketing can help as well.

Andreas - did you say you could help out with any changes to the site visually?

To re-iterate, it's your site and we're happy you're doing all this.  You are free of course to turn down our help, we just want to help out and make the site be as successful as possible as it is in our interest.


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