GNOME Commit digest on Planet GNOME

Discussion about this initially started on foundation-list [1], but it probably makes more sense to bring it over to this list. In short; Planet GNOME is currently only for Humans, not robots, ie. A blog needs to be strongly tied to a individual in order to be added. Project news etc. go on Johannes brought up the idea of adding commit-digest to Planet as a exception to this rule, as shows important data on how we're doing as a project. I think that would be ok. We could do something creative to it in order to make it stand out among the other blogs. Color being an easy solution that comes to mind. Another idea would to do something with all the heads of the release team. I'm open for any ideas. I also think this should be the only single exception with regards to the planet. Planet Mozilla currently has this issue (and they are working on it) that you sometimes have to scroll pages and pages before you actually find a blog post from a clearly identifiable, single person.


- Andreas

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