Re: The GNOME Annual Report

Hi Brian,

I wrote a GNOME.Asia Summit 2010 Report that was initially for GNOME Journal. Paul mentioned it would be published in the 2010 Annual Report instead. Should this report be included?


On 09/27/2011 10:46 AM, Brian Cameron wrote:

At the last GNOME Foundation board meeting, the topic of the Annual
Report came up.  The 2009 Annual Report[1] seemed to be a bit
exhausting and was quite late.  It is already quite late for the 2010
report.  Paul Cutler was working on the 2009 Annual Report, but I am not
sure if anybody has picked up on this task now that Paul is not working
on it.  At this point does it make sense to do a Bi-Annual Report or

So, is anybody on the marketing team helping with the Annual Report?
Has any progress been made?  What needs to be done?

I suspect that we may need to scale back the Annual Report.  Is the
reason this task keeps falling to the wayside because it has become too
much work?  While we have done some really amazing glossy feature full
Annual Reports in the past few years, it may be time to focus on doing
something more simple and focused that we can finish on a more regular

There are some topics the Annual Report should include:

- Karen is our new Executive Director, so we should include a letter
  from her.
- The fact that we released GNOME 3.0 and have 3.2 on the way is
  something we should be communicating excitement about.  Perhaps
  we could use the same sort of text that we are putting in the Release
- The GNOME 3 parties were so successful, that they deserve some
  text, and we should showcase the photo contest winners, and other
  nice photos taken over the past year.  This could be much the same
  text as from Emily's Desktop Summit presentation.
- The GNOME Events section is important, I think.
- The financial update section.
- A page recognizing sponsors.
- I really liked how we highlighted GNOME Foundation members who
  have been members more than 10 years.  We should keep doing that.

Some of the other sections (bug squad, interviews, team reports, etc.)
are nice, but I think we may need to focus on the basics just to get
back on track.

Thoughts?  Help?



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