Leaving the list

My Wikimedia work and travel has kept me from my previous big open
source commitment, GNOME.  I've been saying to friends and GNOME
teammates for some time now that I can't keep up, and am now
unsubscribing from the GNOME Marketing and GNOME Journal team email
lists in recognition of that fact. It hurts, but it's better not to
pretend to commitments one can't keep.

Fortunately, Emily (Rose? not sure of her last name) & Sri have done a
great service in moving GNOME Journal to a modern publishing system at
https://thegnomejournal.wordpress.com/ . It looks like they'll take over
running and editing it, which is lovely. Paul and I simply have not had
the time to give this information channel the attention it deserves, so
he and I asked for others to step in and take over.  And I am so
superlatively glad to see Sri's, Emily's, Allan Day's, and others'
energy pushing forward to keep the GNOME and FLOSS communities informed
about GNOME happenings.

Emily, Sri, when you publish the next issue (or sooner!), please feel
free to take my name off the credits, or call me an editor emeritus, or
do some similar thing.  Thanks for taking this over.

Thanks and best wishes, all.  I hope to come back to GNOME work when my
job is not so all-absorbing.  Feel free to email me privately, of course!

Sumana Harihareswara

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