Re: Marketing update at AGM

Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org> wrote:
> Hi GNOME Marketing folks,
> We have been asked to give a 5 minute update at the AGM tomorrow afternoon.
> If there is someone on the list that is here at the Desktop Summit that
> would like to do it, please speak up, otherwise I am happy to do it.

Looks like that might be best. Thanks Stormy. :)

> I could use all your help in calling out what was important and why it was
> so cool.
> * GNOME 3
>  * Launch parties
>  * press
>  * all the work Allan and Sumanah did
> ...
> Thoughts? I will be working on this later tonight ...

The Q2 report I wrote might come in handy:

As might the debrief that me and Sumanah wrote:


IRC:  aday on

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