Re: FOSSCOMM 2011, May 7th-8th 2011, Patras, Greece

2011/4/16 Stathis Iosifidis (aka diamond_gr) <diamond_gr freemail gr>:
> Hello friends,
> Μy name is Stathis Iosifidis and I'm from Greece. I'm involved with the
> marketing of openSUSE focusing on Greece.
> Next month we'll have in Greece the conference called FOSSCOMM
> (
> As it says at the FOSSCOMM page, the conference is:
> The purpose of the conference is the acquaintance between communities and
> groups -research and development- dealing with Free Software both in
> Greece and at an international level, the presentation of technological
> developments in the field, the presentation of innovative ideas, the
> collection of proposals for encouraging and promoting the Free Software/
> Open Source Software and facilitating learning through presentations and
> workshops.
> The reason I'm writing this main is because I managed to participate Gnome
> with a booth and also with a talk (presentation or workshop). The
> talk would be about Gnome 3. I'm working on it.
> With this mail, I would like to ask if someone else would be in Patras (I
> assume Simos will be there) to help me.
> I would like someone to help me with the Promo materials that I need.

I will not be able to make it to Patras as it is a bit pricey for me
to travel there.
I cc: the Greek GNOME community ( list if there
are more volunteers
that can make it to the event.

I am happy to help you with the presentation notes for your talk.


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