Re: Blogs on ereaders

So let's do it then!  :-)

Although I just found out Kindle charges me $4.99 a week whenever I'm out of the country.  Nice little hidden charge, huh?  (At least it is supposedly for ALL subscriptions rather than per subscription.)

I can do the investigating on how to do this in the coming weeks when I have downtime, but not immediately.  If someone else wants to take this and run with it... have at it, bub!  :-)


On Sun, 2010-09-26 at 18:28 -0600, Stormy Peters wrote:
All the RSS readers, like Google Reader, do this.


On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 6:15 PM, Diego Escalante Urrelo <diegoe gnome org> wrote:
El sáb, 25-09-2010 a las 13:09 -0500, Bryen M. Yunashko escribió:
> Have we gotten Planet GNOME onto Kindle and other ereader products?  I
> haven't been able to find it yet (though I'm still learning my Kindle).
> From what I've gathered...Amazon charges 99 cents a month for delivery
> of blogs and pays 30% of revenue to the blogger (in this case GNOME
> Foundation.)

Do we need some legal clearance to do this? Given that the content
itself is not Foundation's content but from the bloggers syndicated.

I guess a simple waive when accepting to be on pgo would do?

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