Re: New Friends of GNOME campaign with LWN!

Hi Stormy,

Let me know if you need help on setting up the ruler. I can quickly
set it up with new data and text.


2010/9/22 Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org>:
> Hi GNOME Marketing team,
> LWN and the GNOME Foundation have partnered to support the GNOME project!
>  Every Friend of GNOME monthly subscriber will receive a subscription to
> as part of their subscription. (For all subscribers that give
> $10+/month.)
> So it's time for a new Friends of GNOME campaign! This one is to show how
> great our community is - by focusing on our supporters instead of the
> dollars.
> In order to take advantage of our agreement with LWN, I'd love to see us do
> something big for a subscriber campaign. Here are some initial thoughts I
> have. We'll need everyone's help to make it happen, so your thoughts on what
> parts are most interesting or important would be great.
> * Campaign time frame: October - Dec 31st
> * Goal: Number of subscribers (how many do we want our goal to be? 500?)
> * Perks: LWN subscription!, tshirt - we could do a new tshirt with LWN on it
> too
> * Target: technical users (not GNOME developers) - 95% of our current
> subscribers give money because they can't contribute code
> * Slogan?
> * I think it would also be good to give people a way to track the people the
> refer (through word of mouth or their blog or whatever) and give out some
> sort of recognition or prize to people that recruit the most people.
> To do:
> * Find a way to track referrals.
> * Develop slogan/ad campaigns.
> * Design ads (Need specs for LWN ads.)
> * Modify the ruler (subscribers instead of $s)
> * Design new tshirt if we want a new one.
> * Design swag for people who referred the most people.
> * Place ruler on and Planet GNOME.
> * Place ads on Google Adwords, LWN, blogs.
> * Send an email to all existing subscribers offering them an LWN
> subscription.
> * Add a yearly subscription option (This is especially important for those
> that live in places with really high Paypal fees.)
> Thoughts? Ideas? Would you be willing to help?
> Stormy
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