review request: GNOME marketing flyer for new users in less economically developed countries.

Hello all,

I spent some time today creating a marketing flyer to promote GNOME is
less economically developed countries. This is something that I would
have liked to have had when I was represting GNOME at Idlelo earlier
this year in Ghana.

I've used inkscape to do the layout. I guess it's not the best tool
for this but I'm trying to learn how to use it better. I don't know
how or if it's possible to embed a png image into the svg so you'll
have to edit the properties of the png screen shot and point it to the
right location on your computer.

The target for the flyer is non-technical, new users from less
economically developed countries who may or may not use Linux. I would
some feedback on:  layout, content and please check the text for
spelling and grammar for errors.

I'd like to send this to some FOSS user groups in Zambia next next
week through a contact that works with them. If I could get some
feedback by Wednesday November 3rd, that would be great.

Thanks and happy Friday!


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