Re: Urgent - Screenshots needed

On Monday 11 October 2010 18:12:42 Brian Cameron wrote:
> One issue that I have noticed with screen shots taken in the past is
> that they tend to show off the way GNOME looks in a particular distro
> with distro branding, etc.  This is understandable since people taking
> screenshots would likely often overlook this as a concern.
> However, if we are going to put together some more formal screenshots
> to use going forward, then it seems that it would be nice to either:
> 1) Organize screenshots taken on a variety of distros so that we are
>     not seen as favoring one distro over another (even unintentionally).
>     This might be cool since we could show off that GNOME is widely
>     used across many distributions, but might be more work to organize.
> 2) Configure the desktop so that distro specific branding is removed
>     before taking the screenshots, so it has more of a vanilla (or
>     "unbranded") look.
>     If we are going to do this, then it would be useful to have some
>     guidelines about how to go about taking screenshots for use by
>     upstream GNOME.  Such guidelines could include infomration about how
>     to reset your desktop configuration to an approved neutral unbranded
>     state.  Or do such guidelines already exist somewhere?

In openSUSE you can install either the openSUSE-branding packages or the 
upstream-branding. That's how I made a few vanilla GNOME screenshots. By 
tomorrow I'll have a space to put 'em and you'll get them. Will be just 3-4 
but they might be usable for

> Brian

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