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On Mon, 2010-03-22 at 12:43 -0400, Darton Williams wrote:

Thanks for your work Darton :)

> I've done some work on the Products section (items under
> Pages nearly completed:
> 1. - there is a TODO
> item of updating the list of apps. Any input from marketing on which
> apps we should highlight?

Have we got information about which applications are more popular
between our users?. If not, maybe is good idea to collect this info
asking to our major distribution (eg. Ubuntu, Fedora and SuSe).

A link to a complete list of applications could a good idea as well. I'm
worry about some projects that officially are not part of GNOME. We
should say that these are applications developed by the GNOME project,
but there are more "GNOME" applications outside the GNOME project

> 2. - content
> looks good, initial proofreading done, I can't think of anything to
> add

> 3. -
> Just added new intro text, initial proofreading done. There is still a
> Call to Action for "GNOME platform or download". Not sure what this
> means.

I'd like to have photographs of happy faces using GNOME ;)

Apart of journalists, we can add use-cases. 

For example, I work for the Andalusian government. Though I'm not
directly involved in the deployment of Guadalinex, our GNU/Linux
GNOME-based distro, I can approach to high level positions on the
regional administration charged of the free software policy and IT stuff
to get some information. The important thing is to define what we want
to get.

We have a nearly year by year report on presentations on GUADECs

This distro is used on these projects:

1) A large based depolyment on schools
This year, they are distributing laptops with Guadalinex to the pupils
This is, by far, the biggest and most interesting project.
2) Deployments on public libraries
3) Deployments on internet centers for digital alphabetization

> 4. - Added some new
> content here, please review.

I think is good idea to add a GNOME stack graphic here, similar to the
one we have on GNOME mobile [1]. It is important to state that these
components are part of the GNOME project. GTK is our most, if not only,
well known GNOME technology by the general public, we must give the
message that we've got very fancy technologies ready to be used apart of

A testimonial part on the platform is important too. We can add some
projects like Sugar, Firefox, Google Chrome, MeGoo (not too much
information by now, but possibly there are GNOME technologies in the
middleware. An the GTK+ is supported by the community, we are supposed
to have received money for that), LiMo (tough I don't have too much info
neither) to name a few.

We need to convey an idea of success using GNOME technologies.


> Pages with no content:
> 1. - Any direction on
> content here? Currently there is none.

In my opinion, our products a two: the desktop and the platform.

> 2. - Will this be a
> form? What kind of content should appear here?

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