You are invited to the 2010 GNOME Marketing Hackfest!

It's time to hold another marketing hackfest! This one will be focused
primarily on launch plans for GNOME 3.0, including the video project.

ASOLIF and CESLA have put us in touch with the Zaragoza Municipality
and Aragon Regional Government in Spain who have offered to sponsor
the hackfest. The Technological Institute of Aragon (ITA) will host
the event in Zaragoza May 5-7.

During the event there will also be a chance to meet with the media
and local organizations that are either already using GNOME or are in
the process of migrating to GNOME. This is an excellent opportunity to
see real users in action and to hear their needs and concerns. We
thought the marketing team would be a good match for this!

For goals, we propose:

    * Meet with local government groups to create long term partnership
    * GNOME 3.0 launch plan
    * GNOME 3.0 videos
    * Meet with local users to better understand their needs and use cases

Any others?

I've created a wiki page for us to discuss details and plans:


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