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> I was wondering if someone could tell me what the latest is with the
> GNOME Software Map....

Can you please elaborate on the term "Software map"?

The project used to maintain a list of Gnome software back in the day, but it fell into dis-use and Eugenia's kind of became the new software map.  There was at one point some work afoot to either make gnome-files an official software map or someone was going to make another website to replace.  It possibly might have been some work rolled into the new Gnome website.  (is that done yet?)

I think we had discussed some portal similar to the android marketplace where we can highlight these applications but that will require some significant resources.  Probably something we should target for Gnome OS (4.0).  

I think Sri is talking about the Jon McCann proposal about GNOME OS in his Shell Yes ! talk at GUADEC. [1]

Yes, the GNOME OS (or GNOME 4.0) would be the time frame to have a marketplace type.  If the GNOME website is any indication on when we can roll out something like that it will take a couple of years unless of course we can find some university student/volunteers who have time on their hands to do this.

A generic code base to do a marketplace would be awesome if we had it.

IMHO, I think it is worth some discussion about this.

In the meanwhile, you could do a the following in order to generate more interest in GNOME apps and also perhaps make some money in the process:

1) good Gnome apps could be advertised using google ad sense to help drive traffic.  For instance, with Banshee having their Amazon marketplace set up, Gnome foundation could invest in some advertising since it can also run in windows and if we get money from people's purchases that's going to be great.

2) the video channel on youtube would be neat again.  I think that one is in progress.  The idea there is to generate content that people can look at.  I've seen some examples already of screencasts on planet that could go into this channel.

3) GNOME Journal - more articles on apps is of course great.  With a focus on family oriented apps.  A lot of us now have kids and I think we would like to show the world how we can interact with our kids using Gnome.  We really need to get out of the rut of silly special effects type utilization.  That's not what people are looking for unless you're some teen.

As for the design of the marketplace, I envision we'd have some icon or something on the shell that would sort of zoom you there (and I mean zoom special effect.. really!)  Eventually, we'd move our video channel to the market place, as well as the Gnome Journal.

I got other ideas.. although that will be another post.  But my idea would be to approach tv vendors about using Gnome + shell as tv software.  Sony for instance already runs Linux, let's hit them wtih the next level then link the market place to the TV.  Think big.  Call them up.. make a presentation.

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