posters or banner for the North American Event Box


I'm going to be running the GNOME Booth at Idlelo 4 [1] in a couple of
weeks. I would like to print a couple of vinyl posters or a vinyl
banner for use at the conference. After the conference is over I'm
going to send the posters or banner to the North American event box.
(I'm currently based in Toronto, Canada that's why I'm being NA

I initially thought that the current posters [2] would work well blown
up as conference posters but now I'm thinking a banner might be
better. What do people think? If we decide to go with a banner, I'll
probably need some help creating it as I'm not too graphically

I'm heading out to Idlelo on May 12th so I'd like to have this sorted
out in about a week so that I have time to get things printed.

Thanks, Ben

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