Re: GNOME SWOT Analysis

On Thu, 2010-04-01 at 03:59 +0100, Nelson Marques wrote:
> I'm doing something already for some time with Stephano in the Fedora
> Project. Though it's still a bit stopped now (due to goddard release), I
> can provide some guidance help on that. I've done already SWOT's in the
> past (for the Portuguese Footwear Industry, ACAPO and am doing one for
> the Aveiro City Hall - Municipal Stadium Administration).
> I am not sure on how you pretend to accomplish this, basically I've made
> a small document for Strength's:
> which will be
> complemented by the community (currently working on the communication
> email). But this is probably only going to happen after F13 release.
> Anything ring my bell. I'm not dead, though due to the nature of some
> personal issues and some overload from Fedora release I'm a bit more
> away from this list.

It's great you have experience on SWOT analysis. I like your early stage
SWOT analysis for Fedora. I only want to help to improve the strategic
management of GNOME. If we finally define how to work on strategy and
when to revisit the SWOT document again, I'm sure you can help on this.

Best regards,

-- Juanjo

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