Re: Guadec and Dutch government plans for OSS and desktop


We've had contact briefly about usabillity. I agree with you that this
is something that would be of interest for any government, and I want to
have a talk about this in the pre-conference. Can you help me getting
the GNOME people who are knowledgable about this to prepare something
for the pre-conference? That would be really great. I've also had
contact with your Colleague Willie Walker (who pointed me to Javier
Martinez) about this. I'm hoping I can get someone from ONCE to talk
about this as well.

Although I do promote accessibility, I am probably not well enough
informed to help put together much for such a formal presentation.

I would think that having this discussion on the
gnome-accessibility-list gnome org mailing list would be a better place
to seek such help than on the GNOME marketing-list.

Peter Korn (Peter Korn oracle com) has done some significant work with
the AEGIS project in Europe, so he has experience dealing with a11y
and European governments.  But I know that Willie has already given
you that pointer.


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