Re: Suggestion about providing more value to Foundation members

Ar Mer, 2009-09-16 am 11:03 -0600, ysgrifennodd Stormy Peters:
> On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 7:01 PM, Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com>
> wrote:
>         Stormy:
>         > How do we encourage people to write recommendations? Could
>         we do some
>         > sort of "Pass it on" campaign? A few of us could write
>         > recommendations and then ask the people we recommended to
>         "pass it
>         > on" by recommending two more people.
>         That is not a bad idea.  However, I think one thing that makes
>         this hard
>         is that many people probably do not know who is doing good
>         hard work.
>         Many people might be thrilled by the new bugzilla, for
>         example, but
>         have no idea who did the work.  It is hard to recommend people
>         if you
>         do not know who is doing things.
> What if we had a "thank you GNOME" mailing list or page. People could
> send in their thanks for specific features or work and we could match
> it up with the right person. 

Perl have a 'perlthanks' utility which is essentially a configuration of
their bug reporting tool to emial thank-you notes. It would be nice to
have such a program in GNOME (possibly linked to the About Gnome UI),
though all that may be needed is a link to a webpage in About Gnome
where they can submit a thank-you note.


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