Gnome Foundation Ad On FSF Endorsed Network


I hope this mailing list is the correct place to send this offer, my
apologies in advance if it is not.

We recently launched the Ad Bard Network aiming to connect FLOSS
relevant businesses with free software community users, influencers,
developers and architects. The network operates under the guidance of
the Free Software Foundation:

We would like to donate an advertisement to the Gnome Foundation. Tag1
Consulting will pay the $250 fee for your advertisement, however you
will need to provide the actual ad which must be directly relevant to
free and open source software. Your ad will then be displayed on all Ad
Bard member websites through the month of December, 2009. We do not ask
anything in return, we are simply working to spread the word about our
new advertising network and to provide relevant advertisements for our

In order to move forward on this, we will need an image and text which
will be used as your advertisement. The advertisement must be a jpg,
png, or static gif measuring 120 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall. The text
must be no more than 80 characters long.  We will also need to know
where to link the advertisement to. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. I can be reached by email
at jeremy tag1consulting com, or toll free at 877-875-8824 x100.


The Ad Bard Network: 

Jeremy Andrews
877-875-8824 x100
Tag1 Consulting, Inc.

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