Seeking GNOME marketing info

One thing that seems to be missing from the current GNOME marketing
materials is some basic information about how many people currently
use GNOME, and why people would want to use it.  It seems that it would
be good to have a resource, perhaps on the GNOME Marketing Wiki[1] that
highlights this sort of generally useful information.

Has the GNOME community done studies in the past to determine how
large the GNOME desktop market share is?  Any pointers would be
appreciated.  Are there any presentations or useful data points floating
around that should be archived more visibly?  In general, any pointers
to information that highlights why GNOME is a competitive desktop would
be good to collect somewhere.

It seems it would be good to have a page that highlights achivements
by the GNOME community.  For example, information about awards such as
recently being voted the "Favorite Desktop Environment by Linux Journal,
receiving the 2002 Hellen Keller award [2], the Trophees du Libre" award
[3], and the Lutece d'Or Award [4] seems the sort of thing that would
be good to flesh out such a page.




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