Next milestone - June 15 (Content structure, final design, contenttypes)

Hi all,

About previous milestone:

DONE: Content: Initial "mapping" of current content (list of things to
remove, write, review, etc)

DONE: Design: Initial proposal of new website design in graphics form
and call for comments

DONE: CMS: Sort out i18n solution for the website

DONE: CMS: Sort out implementation plan for the website front page

DONE: CMS: Final list contenttypes to be implemented for the 2.28 release

DONE: CMS: Specify deployment requirements for GNOME servers

Other updates:

Deployment discussion started:

After a quick discussion on irc, we decided to keep our Plone code on
Plone's collective subversion as it's simpler for Plone devs to work
together this way. After things are stable enough, we'll move the code
to a GNOME git repository.

Jens updated our Plone to 3.2.2 (latest stable version)

I updated the milestones to better match the proposed content
structure for 2.28.
I added the "test website running on GNOME servers" goal to this milestone.

Milestone goals:


- Content team: cleanup your status page to have only 2.28 stuff and
use links to previous discussion/decisions on wgo content. This will
probably make it less confusing for new contributors.
- Content team: maybe you should work on the content in the wiki until
we have the test website in GNOME servers to avoid infrastructure
distractions. For this milestone you probably won't be doing to much
content writing anyway. Just a note for the future.
- Design team: send a message to marketing-list, blog, twitter, etc to
get feedback
- CMS team: I guess we still have to decide which collage strategy to
use for front page? It would be nice if more Plone people commented on
Johannes' proposal.
- CMS team: I guess we'll be only using default content types for the
2.28 release? The work will be more focused on the display views then?
- CMS team: maybe it's the case to start changing the content tree to
look more like what's been proposed by Content team? What do you



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