New - Need writers & editors!

Earlier this week, Lucas sent out the plan for the new to be rolled out with GNOME 2.28 (

We need writers & editors to help create the content for our new GNOME website.

The content was last updated in early 2007.  This team (which I helped with at the time) was headed up by Quim Gil, and I've volunteered to Lucas to help lead it this time around.  Quim and his team finalized the sitemap, including which pages should be included, and a first draft of the content for those pages.

Our tasks as the Content team are:

1. Quickly review the sitemap and agree on the pages that need to be added, removed or edited
2. Report out on May 27th with recommendations for #1 above (final recommendations documented and due on June 15th)
2. Review and update the content

The current test site is at - the pages and content on those pages are what we agreed to in 2007.  I've also taken information from that work on lgo, copied it and did small edits at

I'm sorry for cross posting to multiple lists, but we need everyone's help.  If you are interested in helping, please reply back to the Marketing list (marketing-list gnome org) or add your name under Content -> Members at

Thank you.


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