Issue 16 - GUADEC Special Edition - Call for Articles


The GUADEC schedule was published this morning:

I am looking for volunteers who are going to GUADEC who might be interested in writing an article for GNOME Journal.  The article might be an interview with someone at GUADEC, coverage of a talk or BoF, or any other ideas you might have.

I'm sorry for cross-posting to both marketing and the GJ lists, but I'm hoping to cast a wider net for some help with this issue.

This will be my first time attending GUADEC as well, so if anyone has any suggestions on things the GNOME Journal team can do (I know myself, Ken and Jorge will be there) to cover GUADEC, I'd love to hear them.   (One crazy idea I had was to do some kind of photo-blog or photo story using a _javascript_ plugin for Wordpress that does photo slideshows.  Do we do anything like this for GUADEC already?)

The GNOME Journal team will be publishing a special edition for GUADEC.  We are trying to publish every 60 days this year, but Issue 16, the GUADEC Special Edition is targeted for release on Aug. 15th, 30 days after Issue 15, to make it timely.

Articles would be do for editing about 3 weeks after GUADEC ends, on August 1st.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or interest in writing an article (you can collaborate with a partner too!), please let me know via email, in #gnome-journal on GimpNet IRC, or add your article idea on lgo at



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