Re: GNOME Booth at UTOSC

This thread was suggested to me today, so I thought I might pipe in...

I live in Utah and I know Clint Savage (UTOSC Organizer). I've also
been a GNOME user for.. 4-5 years now. I haven't done any direct-GNOME
contribution (although I'd like to), but I've been very involved with
Ubuntu contribution as well as Arch Linux. If I'm able to help with a
GNOME booth at this years conference just let me know what I can do.



Anyone up for setting up a GNOME booth at UTOSC?


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Date: Tue, May 12, 2009 at 11:40 AM
Subject: Re: Intro and Invite to UTOSC
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On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 11:06 PM, Gareth J. Greenaway
<gareth socallinuxexpo org> wrote:
> Hey Stormy,
> I hope you're doing well.  One of the organizers, Clint Savage, for the Utah
> Open Source Conference was interested in inviting you to speak at their
> event in October of this year.  I am including Clint on this email as well.
> Hope to see you at some future events, OSCON, OSW, etc.
> Thanks!
> Gareth

Thanks Gareth.

Hi Stormy,

As Gareth mentioned, my name is Clint Savage, organizer of the Utah
Open Source Conference.

I had the great opportunity to hear your keynote the Scale 2008
conference, and would like to invite you to keynote at our 2009
conference.  The theme of our conference is Affordability, Scalability
and Reliability.

The presentation you offered at SCALE 2008 had a strong impression on
me and it reaffirmed my belief in open source and why I devote time
and money to the cause through the Utah Open Source Foundation and
Conference, Fedora, OLPC and other projects.

The Utah Open Source Conference is growing rapidly, 2009 is our 3rd
year and we're expecting 600+ folks who are interested in free and
open source software. A similar presentation to the one offered at
SCALE would really work to galvanize the local user groups and
technologists in this area.

The dates for our conference are October 8-10, 2009 and we'll be
updating our website to reflect more detail about our conference. If
you wish to view the presentations that were given in 2008, please
feel free to visit

In addition, I'd like to also extend an invitation to the GNOME folks
to have a presence at one of our dot-org booths. We're in a new venue
this year, and plan to intermix the dot-org booths with the commercial

Either way, I sure hope you can attend the Utah Open Source Conference
and would love to have you help us spread open source throughout the
Intermountain West. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Clint Savage
Utah Open Source Foundation |

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