Re: redesign status

On Tue, 2009-04-21 at 09:42 -0500, Paul Cutler wrote:
> Murray said at the beginning of this month in his email update
> regarding the wgo redesign
> (
> "There are still people working on a Plone site, though there hasn't
> been much activity recently. I don't believe they will succeed,
> because this has failed so often, but nobody should stop them from
> trying as long as we don't have something else."  (Murray also
> mentions that a large part of the work has been done as well).
> Vincent later in the email thread added some comments, including
> "plone is not the best choice for GNOME because we have nobody active
> who will be able to take care of it." though he did go on to add he
> didn't want to have a discussion of what CMS we should use without a
> concrete plan to address it.

I found that to be a strange response to me saying (in that same email)
that we should not block on choosing _any_ CMS. We don't need a CMS to
get the new structure and content online. A suitable CMS would be
_nice_, but it's not a blocker. Lack of committed web people is the

I mean, people do regular HTML/SSI/CSS, or maybe something extra that's
simple. I'm not the guy to decide that (and I have zero time now), but I
know it shouldn't need a whole CMS to just get second-level navigation.

By focusing again on a choice of CMS we would just be putting a new
obstacle in our way. We failed to do a simple job. We should accept that
and try to get it done instead of pretending that we failed because it
was complicated.

murrayc murrayc com

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