KDE 4 announcement and visual tour

Today KDE 4.0 has been officially released. Let's have a look at the
materials published having in mind our own releases.

Being a major release, there are some issues common to our past
releases in the 2.x series: unless you are following the project
regularly it is not very easy to realize how big are the improvements
and what are really the differences, what's new. Sure, there is plenty
of data but almost none of it stressed in title and lead paragraphs.
After a quick rad (and playing a bit the role of evil's advocate) I
could summarize that two remarkable novelties are a new console and a
new document viewer but... these are the kind of apps that are most
than assumed by journalists or power users.

The "Give it a spin" and "Press contacts" sections are very
appropriate though, and only looking at them gives the impression that
this is indeed an important announcement.

But what I like most is the Guided Tour:
It works. After some clicks and scrolls you have the impression of
being somehow familiar with KDE 4.0. Really useful to evaluate by
yourself, decide to write/blog about it or goive it a try.

http://www.kde.org/info/4.0.php - the full details only for those
wiling to know.

Their wiki (TechBase) is also linked from the announcement:
http://techbase.kde.org/ (looks very good!)

In addition, the announcement sent by mail mentions remarkably
"KOffice company founded", but this information is not part of the web

Conclusion: a good exercise with a lot of work put in it. Well done!
Illustrative for those already in the know / familiar with free
software. I wonder though how effective this is for more general tech
journalists having to find something remarkable and easy to explain
for their deadlines. In any case it's getting closer.

Quim Gil /// http://flors.wordpress.com

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